In the old days, business owners and managers used to meet occasionally at The Business Club to discuss business with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Today, things have changed dramatically and Internet has remodelled the way of doing business. The complexity of this ever changing world of doing business on the Internet has made it very challenging for a lot of companies to keep up. Business owners and managers today should not ask themselves IF they should get on board or not, with this new and fast changing technology. Rather, they should ask themselves HOW they can get on board and keep up with the trend.

At BONACOR, we decided to put in place a tool that will give business owners and managers the chance to find a happy middle between the old business clubs and the new way of doing business successfully online today. This is why we are so proud to introduce the first Virtual Business Club. Welcome to BONACOR, THE VIRTUAL BUSINESS CLUB!

If you do business in Canada today or planning to do so in the future, maybe YOU as a business influencer, would like to join us in The Club!

You can even register for FREE or depending on your advertising and marketing plans, you can also decide to become an active member of The Club. As a member, you will participate in the changes rather than trying to keep up with them. In return, you will get a lot more than what we use to get at the traditional Business Club, all this for a lot less. Please note that we don't serve lunches or drinks, but we do business!