The Virtual Business Club is the meeting point between SUPPLY and DEMAND of goods and services offered on the North American industrial marketplace.  It is in a way, the extension of your company website.  It allows members to advertise products and services, job offers, send requests for quotes, present your company, attract new potential customers and suppliers and much more...

There are many advantages of listing your company in The Virtual Business Club.  Here are a few of them:  
  • Be seen by thousands of visitors browzing our website every day.  
  • Get direct links to your website and info contact.  
  • People will be able to find you quicker, thanks to our GoogleMap Locator.
  • Advertise your products and services by joining The Club and becoming an active member.

Effectively, BONACOR can list your company in our directory completely FREE of charge.  Clic on our JOIN THE CLUB section and under FREE LISTING, click REGISTER NOW, then, fill out the necessary basic information, choose an industry where you want your company to be listed in and SEND.  It is that easy!

Yes, there are many benefits of becoming an active member of BONACOR. Once Member, BONACOR becomes an extension of your website and instantly begins to help you work on the Canadian market.
• You will increase your visibility on the Internet in a more focused business environment
• You will be able to promote your company and its products and post job offers
• Advertise special promotions on your products or services and request quotes (RFQ)
• Advertise the sale of machinery, equipment and surplus stocks
• Provide discount and promotional coupons
• You can also look for new suppliers and business partners.

Go to our JOIN THE CLUB section and analyse your options.  After you've made your decision, click on REGISTER NOW and follow the registration process.  It's easy!  Contact us if you need help.

Yes, as an active member, you are fully in charge of managing the information published in The Club by loging in your account.  You can always contact our Customer Relations direct link.
BONACOR believes in TOTAL MEMBERSHIP SATISFACTION and guarantees it to all members of The Virtual Business Club. If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with your experience, we will reimburse the balance of your pre-paid Membership fees, proportionally to the time left in your inscription. See all the details in our Terms and Conditions.

When you list your company for FREE, you can only list it in one industry or its sub-industries.  When you become a member, you can choose to list your company in several industries.  Additional fees will be charged according to the number of industries that you want to register your organization in. See more details in our members section.